Bauchi Government To Separate Male From Female Students In Secondary Schools – Commissioner

On friday, Mr. Aliyu Tilde, the commissioner for education for the state of Bauchi, announced that plans to separate male and female students in the state’s secondary schools had been finalized.

Vanguard news mentioned that, Tilde told newsmen this, after the State Executive Council (SEC).Tilde clarified, however, that the action would only be taken when and where it was feasible.

He clarified that the goal was to combat moral decay, which had become pervasive among secondary school students.

When it is possible, he claims that students, even those in private schools, should be divided such that male students attend academic activities in one facility and female students attend academic activities in a different facility.

The commissioner went on to say that, in cases where they couldn’t be totally segregated, they would sit in a such that the males would take up one side of a classroom and the girls the other.

He provided the example of a classroom teacher who observed two students indulging in an immoral act while they were being instructed.

“The most crucial thing is that we don’t want to let this tendency to continue, undoing the progress we have done in the past towards female child education.

“We had the thought that, whenever and whenever it is feasible, we should also include our day secondary schools in the 1978 abrogation of the core education program.

“Whenever is talking about the distribution in time, and wherever is talking about the geography. That is, whether entirely isolating them from one another is conceivable tomorrow is debatable.

Wherever it’s feasible, he added, “we’ll designate one to girls and the other to males where possibly we have two-day secondary schools within the vicinity.”

Additionally, Tilde stated that parents will be overjoyed about the change and that even those who were hesitant to allow their children to continue on to Senior Secondary School levels would be urged to do so.

He continued by saying that the approach might increase student retention in schools.


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