British National Anthem Will Now Change From God Bless The Queen To God Bless The King – Prof Adeniyi – In an interview with Arise News, Professor Abiodun Adeniyi, an Arise News analyst, said in an interview that the British national anthem will now change from God bless the Queen to God bless the King.

He made the statement while speaking about the late Queen Elizabeth, who died on Thursday, and the British monarchy’s practice.

Professor Abiodun began by saying that it is quite unfortunate that Queen Elizabeth has to go. He said it is unfortunate not just for Britain, and not just for the Commonwealth, but for the entire world because of what she represents as a peace-builder, consensus builder, monarch of repute, and many other things she represents.

Professor Abiodun said that going forward again, we are expectant that her son, Prince Charles, is likely to continue from where she stopped and will also try and sustain the legacy the great queen left.

Professor Abiodun then pointed out that the monarchy is still very significant in the tradition of that country, even though there is an argument in academic circles that the monarchy is kind of outdated in the 21st century. He said it will take time for the country to change because the monarchy is still very significant, even in their national anthem, which is God bless the Queen, which is now going to change to God bless the King.

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