Chelsea play Manchester City this afternoon in the game which caps off the Premier League weekend and launches into another unwanted international break.

A bizarre but successful game against Tottenham on Monday night leaves us in quite an uncertain position. Will the confidence of an unexpected 3 points there help us against Pep Guardiola’s team today, or are we going to see all the frustrations we were reminded of on Monday repeated once again?

One thing manager Mauricio Pochettino is sure of is the two things we need to focus on to win any game, and it sounds like a mantra he’s repeated to the players before:

“The most important thing is the quality… if you want to win you need to reduce the quantity of mistakes, and you need be clinical in front of goal,” the coach said in quotes from an exclusive interview with the club’s media channels.

It sounds simple, and really it is. Don’t make any silly mistakes in front of our goal, and be ruthless in front of theirs.

We will still need a slice of luck on top of that to beat a team as good as City, but at least it gives us a chance.

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