‘He’s more promising than him’… Chelsea told they have signed a player who has more potential than Jude Bellingham

Journalist Süleyman Öztürk has now claimed that Chelsea have a player in their ranks who is currently more promising than Jude Bellingham.

He told Voetbal Zone that Kendry Paez is currently the greatest talent in South America, and has potential that he has rarely seen in football.

There is universal excitement over the future of Chelsea when they add Paez to their ranks in 2025.

He has established himself as a regular for the Ecuador national team, despite being just 16 years of age.

Paez has already come into plenty of praise in the early months of his career, however none larger than that of Ozturk, who thinks he is more promising at this age than Bellingham was in the Championship.

He said: “He is next level. I’ve really rarely seen that. Kendry Páez, and he has been signed by Chelsea. And that is the greatest talent in South America. I went to take a look at them to see who Chelsea actually signed.

Paez compared to Bellingham
“I just didn’t know what I saw. You have Bellingham, you have Zaire-Emery, but that Páez… He is next level. I really rarely have that. I once had it with Mbappé, during his Monaco days.

And I have that with Páez too. That’s really not normal. You’ll just have to remember that name. These are boys who are 16, but they could also have been 26.

“You had that at Bellingham too. He was already a starter for England at the age of 17, and we thought that was normal at the time. But that is not entirely normal for a seventeen-year-old boy to be the boss in midfield. And that also applies to Páez, for example.”

Despite not being able to join officially for another year and a half, it has been claimed already that Paez will get the opportunity to feature alongside the first team stars during the next pre-season.

He is a really exciting prospect that Mauricio Pochettino surely can’t wait to see play in the flesh.

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