Well, it’s happened again. We lost another game, at home, to opposition we “should” be beating. Of course that “should” is steadily losing its “should-ness”, but that’s a complaint for another day in the perhaps, at the rate we’re going, not-so-distant future.

Even Mister Positivity struggled to find the positives, not that there would be a receptive audience to any that he might have found.

But Pochettino has faith in himself, in his players, in the project that one day, maybe in the not-so-distant future, we might get a result or two.

I mean, we might as well, since this is the bed we have made and we’re lying in it like we ain’t got nowhere else to be for a long, long while. At least we can hit the snooze button unlike the back of the net!

As the great poet-warrior George Michael once put it, “I gotta have faith, because I gotta have faith”.

“We are a young team that is in process needing to learn altogether. It is difficult to talk about positives because when you lose it is difficult. [But] we need to talk about positive things, we need to keep the positives in. There’s no doubt with time the team is going to perform.

“Of course I cannot hide the situation, it’s a situation that disappoints all of the fans, the club, us and the players [and probably the owners who] arrived at the club and are so excited to build a project. Of course they feel disappointed but at the same time they need to support the plan.”

So what’s the plan, Stan? And don’t say “work”.

“Work. Giving trust and then confidence. We have the squad that we have. We cannot change anything. We try to build the confidence and to give them all of the support that they need because they need to perform on the pitch.

I have a dream that one day someone will answer this question with something more useful than “work”.

“The performance is good, I don’t want to say it is excellent, but we are missing being clinical in front of goal. We need to keep going, working. To find a solution, we start tomorrow again for the game Wednesday and build the belief and the confidence and the trust and hope we can score Wednesday.”

“[We] need to be aware about what is going on but in some ways we need to be calm because the team is creating, the team is alive, the team is fighting in every single action. We cannot say anything about the players, we cannot say they give up after 70 minutes, they were fighting until the end with one player less. It’s about keeping working and hope that we can change the run as soon as possible.”

-Mauricio Pochettino; source: Football.London

I guess we shall try and try again.

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