Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino says Nicolas Jackson and Raheem Sterling need time to develop relationships with the rest of the team’s attackers.

Nicolas Jackson and Raheem Sterling have been Chelsea’s main two forwards this season, with the former being the Blues’ first-choice striker right now and the latter being arguably their best player.

Speaking before his side’s Premier League encounter against Aston Villa yesterday, Mauricio Pochettino told and other outlets: “Nico and Sterling, they need time to create the links, with Mischa [Mykhailo Mudryk], with Noni [Madueke], with [Cole] Palmer, he arrived two days before the transfer window finished. It’s not an excuse but we need to analyse all of these things.”

Going into Chelsea’s match against Villa, Jackson had started all five of their Premier League games prior, showing his importance to Pochettino. Sterling had also made the same amount of appearances and scored two goals.

Without the England international, Pochettino’s side probably would not have beat Luton Town last month.

Chelsea’s attack needs time

You want to show patience to this Chelsea attack, as it is quite a new one. Jackson and Palmer both joined the club during the summer, while Mudryk and Madueke have only been at Stamford Bridge since January.

Of course, it is going to take some time for everything to start clicking and remain that way.

Is Pochettino going to get time, though? The Argentine and his side are already playing catch up after quite a disappointing start to the season.

If Chelsea want to qualify for the Champions League this term, they probably cannot afford to wait around for their attack to start working, which is not even a guarantee. It is the situation that they are in, however, and supporters may very well have to listen to Pochettino here and give their players time.

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