Corpse Of A 14-Year-Old Teenager Found In Plateau With Her Vital Organs Missing

Maryam Salisu, who was only 14 years of age at the time of her death, was discovered dead and her corpse amputated on the fringes of the Babale community in the Jos North Local Government Area LGA of of Plateau state.

Unfortunately,it was said to be a quite gruesome scene as some of her relatives who had a one on one conversation with news reporters stated that,Maryam’s body was discovered in the ditch with her eyes, breasts, tooth, and tongue missing.

She was reportedly ambushed by an unknown group of assailants while she was gathering wood from a nearby bush to be used for culinary purposes.

In furtherance,the mother of the deceased simply identified as Fatima Danliti, struggled to contain her emotions as she recounted her final conversation with her daughter, noting that Allah knows best and she surrenders all her burden unto him.In her words: “it is painful but there is nothing I can do. It is left for the person that committed the crime and Allah”.

In addition to this,Aisha Sani, one of the minors who got a glimpse of the incident, said,“we were together when the man suddenly hit Maryam on her head. We started begging him to leave her alone because we couldn’t understand what she did to deserve being hit”.

“It is one of the scariest moment of my life.I had to run away from the scene in order to safe my life because if I hadn’t,i don’t know what would have become of me”,she added.

In the meantime,Sani Babale, a local inhabitant of the region and a former councillor of the region disclosed that, the deceased and 12 other minors all gathered themselves to a neighboring bush to collect firewood mearnt for cooking when Fatima was assaulted, and the other girls fled for their lives.

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