At The Appropriate Time, I Will Tell Nigerians who Is Backing PDP And Making Them Arrogant – Wike – Amid the lingering crisis within the political heavyweights of the People‘s Democratic Party, PDP, Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has promised Nigerians that at the appropriate time, he will disclose to them the person who is backing the PDP leaders and making them arrogant. This their backbone according to Wike is in the presidency.

Wike made this statement while expressing his displeasure at the resignation of the party Board of Trustees Chairman, Jubrin Walid. In a video shared by the African International TelevisionAIT, Wike maintained that his agreement with their party’s presidential candidate is the resignation of the national chairman, Iyocha Ayu.

He stated that the major reason he is fighting for the resignation of the national chairman is so as to restore the balance of the party where a northerner will be the presidential candidate while a southerner becomes the party chairman so that each region will be duly represented.

He argued that key decisions of the party are made by the presidential candidate (eventually the president) and the party chairman, and that if they should leave the party structure the way it is, then it means that both their candidate and chairman who are northerners would be making and executing decisions without involving their southern counterparts.

Wike alleged that there is someone at the presidency who is backing them up and making them arrogant. He went further to promise Nigerians that he will reveal who this their backup is at the right time and then remind them that this backup once supported an APC candidate and yet he lost.

He assured his audience that he will continue to fight for a power balance in the party until the concerned individuals keep to their words and hand chairmanship over to the South.

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