~  Armed Bandits Kill 30 Vigilantes In Zamfara State  ~

Some armed bandits have attacked communities in Zamfara state killing at least 30 members of a local vigilanteknown as Yan Sakai, DailyTrust has reported.

The tragic incident happened near Gidan Dan Inna community in Auki district, Bungudu Local Government Area of Zamfara State.

Daily Trust reported that the gunfight ensued on Monday May 30, after bandits invaded Gidan Inna village and some other neighbouring communities and rustled cattle. They reportedly shot dead some residents in the communities and then carted away the cows.

A resident identified as Umar Kadowa said;

“Shortly afterwards, the leaders of the local vigilantes otherwise known as Yan sakai from at least 10 neighbouring communities started mobilizing their members to chase and rcover the rustled cattle from the armed criminals.

“Within half an hour, the vigilantes mobilized themselves and gave the rustlers a hot chase on motorbikes. However, when the armed bandits realized that they were being pursued, they divided themselves into two, one group was asked to herd the stolen animals into the forest.

“The other group then lurked around to lay ambush on approaching vigilantes. They killed more than 30 on the spot largely because the armed criminals outnumbered the vigilantes

“I saw the vigilantes on dozens of motorcycles rode towards Gidan Dan Inna village when I was going to my farm. I sensed trouble and had to come back home immediately.

“The remains of the slain vigilantes who were from more than 10 communities were later retrieved for burial at their respective villages. Fear has enveloped the residents of the communities as the armed men might come back to stage another attack.”

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