Check Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today, Thursday 19 May 2022

The official and black market exchange rates for the Dollar to Naira are as follows.
Read the latest news from Ibomdailymail on Nigeria’s official dollar rate, as well as Black Market, Bureau De Change (BDC), and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rates.

How much is a dollar to naira today in the black market?

The exchange rate for a dollar to naira at Lagos Parallel Market (Black Market) players buy a dollar for N570 and sell at N598 on Wednesday, May 18th 2022, according to sources at Bureau De Change (BDC).

Please note that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not recognize the parallel market (black market), as it has directed individuals who want to engage in Forex to approach their respective banks.

Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today

Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN) Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate 570
Selling Rate 598

Trading at the official NAFEX window

The exchange rate between the naira and the US dollar opened at ₦418.00/$1 on 18th May, 2022 and closed at ₦419.25/$1Showing a change of 0.18% and a daily turnover of $201.34 million.

According to data from FMDQ, forward rate went as high as ₦453.35 and as low as ₦432.73.

Spot rate: The dollar sold to the naira as high as ₦444.00 and as low as ₦410.00.

A spot exchange rate is the current price level in the market to directly exchange one currency for another, for delivery on the earliest possible value date.

Worries As Nigeria’s Q1 Trade Deficit Rose By 175%

Financial experts have expressed worries over Nigeria’s huge dependence on importation which is said to have limited the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN’s ability to effectively manage the demand for foreign exchange.

Naija News understands that the worries heightened after financial reports showed that the value of the country’s international trade deficit rose by 175.13 per cent from $152.94m in January 2022 to $420.79m in March 2022.

The International Trade Summary sighted on the apex bank’s official website shows that the total value of international trade was $28.77bn in Q1 2022, with imports at $14.77bn and export at $14.01bn, showing a total trade deficit of N764.69m.

In January 2022, export was $4.74bn and import was $4.89, with a trade deficit of $152.94m.

The value of the trade deficit increases further in February 2022 to hit $190.96m, with export at $4.70bn and imports at $4.89bn.

A massive increase is recorded by March 2022 at a $420.79m trade deficit, with export at $4.57bn and imports at $4.99bn.

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