Chelsea urged to sign £400,000-per-week Real Madrid super star for free this summer

Former Chelsea winger Florent Malouda has highlighted the importance of bringing in a player like Toni Kroos to alleviate the current ‘chaos’ at Stamford Bridge.

With Kroos’ contract at Real Madrid winding down, he’s poised to be a free agent come the summer, and Malouda sees him as the perfect fit for Mauricio Pochettino’s youthful squad.

“I think a player like Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos is the type of target that Chelsea should be looking to bring in this summer,” the French ex-winger told Gambling Zone. “He is an experienced player with a lot of pedigree. Chelsea need one or two players like Kroos.

“Players who have such a high football IQ that they can analyse every scenario on the pitch, take the right decisions and lead the team. This is the type of profile I would be looking to bring into the club over the summer.

“We need experienced, ambitious players who want to be part of a very exciting Chelsea project next year. There are a few experienced players who will be available this summer. It isn’t necessarily about specific individuals, although Kroos would be an excellent signing, it’s about finding the right profiles who raise standards on and off the pitch.”

Kroos, a pivotal figure at Real Madrid since his arrival in 2014, offered an assured response regarding his contract situation in March. “There are no issues whatsoever,” he said.

“My relationship with the club is too good to have any issues. Both sides are relaxed. The club is having a good season and so am I. I hope we will find a satisfactory solution.”

Malouda highlighted Chelsea’s erratic performance levels under Pochettino as a cause for concern, particularly pointing out their tendency to drop intensity within matches – a case in point being the past Sunday’s 2-2 draw against Sheffield United.

“What we’re seeing at Chelsea this season is a lack of consistency, not just over the course of the season, but over the course of the same game!” he said. “When you watch Chelsea, sometimes you think that you’re watching a team that is capable of scoring four goals in the first half, that everything is going well.

“I was at Stamford Bridge watching the Leicester game in the FA Cup, Chelsea were playing with a lot of intensity, and everything looked brilliant until it wasn’t. It only takes one mistake to knock the confidence out of this Chelsea team and then the chaos starts. The Chelsea players need to develop a capacity to control their emotions on the pitch.

“They don’t have the emotional balance that allows you to keep control of the game, and that is down to the composition of the squad. When you chose to focus on a project with mostly young players, you will always find this inconsistency because all of these players are learning at the same time.”

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