Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino is under growing pressure to turn results around at the club following the Blues’ seventh Premier League defeat of the season

The pressure is growing on Mauricio Pochettino at Chelsea following a number of disappointing results.

The Blues’ 2-0 defeat at Goodison Park has left them 12th in the Premier League table after 16 games. It followed Wednesday’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United, leaving Pochettino’s future in doubt.

Todd Boehly has already shown his reckless side when it comes to managers. Thomas Tuchel and Graham Potter both lasted a short time before Pochettino was named as the long-term successor.

Despite impressive displays against the likes of Arsenal, Manchester City and Brighton, Pochettino continues to face criticism over the future of his job. The loss at Everton has only provided further questions over his security.

With that said, here’s a look at the latest on a potential dismissal for Pochettino at Chelsea and which decision the new ownership may make.

Everton blow

Sunday’s disappointing performance at Goodison Park has continued to divide opinion among the fanbase. Some have called for Boehly to sack the Argentine while many have criticised the running of the club from above.

After the game, Pochettino insisted that work will need to be done in January. “I think it’s about to improve. We were talking after nearly four or five months, or 16 games, it’s about to assess,” he told the press.

“We were not able today with all of the chances we had. We need to score if we want to win the game and we want to be in a different position in the table. It is not only to play, the team played well, dominated the game against a very difficult team like Everton.

“When you assess Everton, we deserve full credit because I think we were much better than them but in the end you need to score because if not, you build the confidence of the opponent and it is impossible to go 96 minutes without making a mistake.”

New decision made

Chelsea will continue to back head coach Mauricio Pochettino, despite sitting 12 points behind a place in the top four, claims Fabrizio Romano. He said on his YouTube channel: “The feedback is still the same on Chelsea’s side, and they trust Mauricio Pochettino. They believe he is the right man for this project. It’s a young team, and they need time. His job is not at risk at this point.”

Fresh verdict

Chelsea were handed a boost as they registered a huge 2-0 victory over Fulham at Craven Cottage, adding another three points to their tally. Speaking on Sky Sports, Frank Lampard gave his verdict on Pochettino’s future, saying: “I think he will get it [time], and he deserves it.

“He’s a man that comes with a big pedigree as a coach, and when I saw the issues that I referenced and he will have his own version of that, we all want to perform the best that we can. The hard bit is now he would have wanted points on the board in this period of games to give that feel in what will be a tougher period of games.”

Jamie Carragher adds: “Certain managers can be quite fortunate in where they actually come in an owner’s tenure. Talking about Todd Boehly, I don’t think Todd Boehly and the Chelsea hierarchy can afford to sack another manager.

“Yes, there has been a lot of eyes on them, and I have been very sceptical about spending all this money and putting players on longer contracts, and right now it’s an absolute mess. You look at Chelsea’s results in the last 12 months and the money they have spent, you can’t believe where they find themselves in the table.

“But, I think if Pochettino gets moved on from this job over the next two or three months, I think all eyes will go straight to the ownership. I think Chelsea fans would really turn on them and say what have you done to our football club. We keep talking about patience and time, no one knows Chelsea better than him [Lampard].

“I have always admired Chelsea for not having this style, Chelsea were serial winners – they were powerful and no matter how they did it, they won, they were a winning machine. But, I think they can’t get rid of Pochettino this season because I think there would be a massive turnaround on the owners.”

Major boost
Pochettino got a much needed boost and secured his biggest win as Chelsea manager as they overcame Brighton 1-0 in the Carabao Cup. It leaves the Blues well placed in the competition with Manchester City already knocked out and Manchester United set to face Newcastle in the next round.

Pochettino reached the 2015 League Cup final before losing to Chelsea in the final. This time round it already looks to be as good a chance as any of getting the Blues into Europe again next season. With the top four – or five – being extremely competitive, winning this trophy would at least secure Europa League football.

It’s only the start for Pochettino but it’s a huge result given the pressure that had been mounting over the past few weeks. Now he will be hoping to take this and run with it, alleviating any outside noise that had started to creep in.

Pundits agree

Pochettino being sacked became a genuine topic of discussion amongst certain sections of the media after their defeat against Aston Villa and former Tottenham striker Darren Bent was not the only man to think that his time could be up pretty soon if things don’t change. He told talkSPORT: “Chelsea I almost feel are stuck in this kind of phase where, are they going to be a team that rebuilds or do they need instant success now?

“Now, [Graham] Potter was supposed to be the one that rebuilt Chelsea but yet it was getting that bad they went, ‘No, pull the plug.’ I almost feel like with Pochettino, if this doesn’t get better, they can say all they want about, ‘Yeah we’ll give him time, he’s got to rebuild the squad.

“If Chelsea, come Christmas time, are bottom half of the table and I’m talking like halfway between bottom and top ten, they might have to make a change.”

Gabby Agbonlahor has also piled on. “I was confident [Aston Villa would beat Chelsea] because you look at their players, you’re not scared,” he said. “Where is this billion pound? Where are these players? [Moises] Caicedo, top player. [Enzo] Fernandez, top player, but I think Villa’s midfield of [Boubacar] Kamara and [Douglas] Luiz cost £15million, Chelsea’s was £200million and they [Villa] bossed the middle, absolutely bossed the midfield.

“They’ve got problems and everyone talks about time, time, time. They’re booing Chelsea after the game, fans don’t give you time. These fans are like ‘you’ve spent £1billion we should be up there with Manchester City, up there with Arsenal. We’re going to be fighting for top four.'”

The former Aston Villa striker continued: “It’s erratic from the owners, the spending. The manager has got to do better. Before the last game he looked quite happy after losing points like he thinks he’s got time and a this length of a project. We saw it with Frank Lampard and Potter. If this carries on, and they’ve got some tough games that they’re not guaranteed to win now, teams aren’t scared to play Chelsea now.”

He added: “Pochettino, I hope he doesn’t think he’s got the amount of time he thinks he has.”

He added: “Pochettino, I hope he doesn’t think he’s got the amount of time he thinks he has.”

Secret meetings

Chelsea co-owner Behdad Eghbali has been making regular appearances in the Chelsea dressing room this season, following on from scrutiny placed upon the owners after doing so last season. That’s according to the Telegraph, which claims that the businessman has kept to handshakes and greetings over pep talks.

Some of Eghbali’s decisions have also included visiting the manager’s office on regular occasions to meet with Pochettino and the coaching staff.

Pochettino claim
Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino has claimed the owners are disappointed with the start his team have made to the season, calling upon them to support the project.. Speaking after defeat to Aston Villa, he said: “Give me time because I didn’t see them [the owners] after the game. They are disappointed, they arrived at the club and are so excited to build a project. Of course they feel disappointed but at the same time they need to support the plan.”

“Secret” coach exit
While pressure ramps up on Mauricio Pochettino’s tenure at Chelsea, his coaching staff is still continuing to take shape off the back of last season. According to a report from the Telegraph, Bruno Saltor has made a quiet exit from the club, having been previous assistant coach and interim manager.

The Spaniard is believed to have had the rest of his contract paid up to allow for the exit, which Chelsea have decided against publicly commenting on.

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