Manchester City have been told their chances of facing potential relegation in light of a recent development in their case with the Premier League. The top flight revealed earlier this year that it had been investigating the seven-time champions for the past five-years in relation to 115 allegations of rule breaches.

During the 14-year period that encapsulates the investigation, there have been allegations on a lack of transparency surrounding their accounting and payments towards a former manager. There are also questions surrounding the possible inflation of figures that could circumvent financial losses.

Manchester City denied such allegations and have continued on their stance that they will battle back against them when the time comes. It is a high profile case that has come about in a year where the Premier League have come into question several times on the financial front.

Shortly after City’s referral, Everton were charged with an alleged breach of Profit and Sustainability rules (PSR) and sent to an independent commission for trial. The hearing took place in October, with the panel declaring that the Toffees had roughly £20million in losses above the £105million allowed in any given three-year period.

The Merseyside outfit were slapped with a ten-point deduction for their charge – one that is still subject to appeal, with Everton stating their shock at the outcome. Given the severity of that case, it has naturally brought about questions over when the City case will be judged upon and how severe that may be, if proven to be true.

.The likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham will no doubt be waiting with keen interest as to how it plays out, with a rough date now set for the hearing. A recent report from the Daily Mail, the trial has been scheduled for autumn of 2024, with the outcome not likely until the end of that season in 2025.

In light of that news, gave the latest odds in regards to where Manchester City will start the campaign in 2025/26. With the possibility of relegation, in the event of a possible guilty verdict, it appears as though that isn’t one of the favoured options at this stage.

With that said, here’s a look at the latest odds for each scenario: – Manchester City FFP Case specials

Manchester City start 2025/26 season in the EPL as normal, with no relegation or points deduction at that point – 4/5

Manchester City start 2025/26 season in EPL but with points deduction – 2/1

Manchester City to start 2025/26 season in Premier League – 1/4

Manchester City to start 2025/26 season in Championship – 5/1

Manchester City to start 2025/26 season in League One – 20/1

Manchester City to start 2025/26 season in League Two – 33/1

Manchester City to start 2025/26 season in National League – 50/1

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