Mauricio Pochettino accuses Chelsea of being too soft in a 4-1 loss to Newcastle United
Mauricio Pochettino this time didn’t hold back and accused his side of being soft against Newcastle United, as they easily conceded four goals.

Pochettino’s words may sound harsh, but he is speaking reality, we really were very soft, and they took advantage of it and scored four goals. This makes it eight goals in the last two games, which questions our defensive frailties.

We have given up goals so easily that it is seriously doubtful that our defence is robust enough to handle formidable opponents. Pochettino’s discontent is understandable given how our performance in games indicates a lot about our mindset and physical toughness.

Mauricio Pochettino was not happy with Chelsea’s performance vs Newcastle. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
As always, the opposition scored first. Isak gave Newcastle the lead, but Raheem Sterling responded in the 23rd minute. However, the Blues went on to concede three more goals going forward.

After the game, Pochettino blasted the players, accused them of playing spot, (h/t Sky Sports), and further said:

“Even if Newcastle weren’t great, it was an easy win. It was so easy with the way we conceded, and we were so soft in every challenge.”

“We didn’t show that we were playing for something important. That’s what makes me angry and disappointed. Even if we are a young team and need to learn, these types of games make me very angry.”

Mauricio Pochettino accuses Chelsea’s performance against Newcastle soft. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Despite the fact that Newcastle weren’t that superior to us, we were only mediocre in this match. It would have been understandable even if we had played well and lost the match, but we were merely middling and were giving goals recklessly.

With our performance, Pochettino is clearly furious, and he has every reason to be. The manager can only advise you on his tactics and provide solutions to all of your problems during the game. On the field, you are responsible for doing all the work and carrying out the manager’s plan; however, you cannot hold the manager accountable if you are unable to do so. We will be playing a quality team again next week, maybe we will rebound and correct those errors.

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