Mauricio Pochettino faces a huge decision at Chelsea amid continues rumours over a points deduction

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino will be tasked with keeping his players and staff focused on the matter surrounding their upcoming matches as discussion off the pitch continues to rumble on concerning potential point deductions. It comes following Premier League rivals Everton receiving a deduction of their own.

The Toffees were sent to an independent commission earlier this year for a potential breach of Profit and Sustainability rules. The hearing was underway last month and come mid-November, the verdict was given and the Merseyside outfit were deducted ten points – subject to an appeal.

The extent of that punishment has brought many to ask questions of whether there could be even more on the table elsewhere. Manchester City are one example after they were charged by the league for an alleged 115 breaches, coming as a huge shock to the world.

City deny these allegations and will battle them in a process that is likely to take years before a proper resolution is reached. In the case of Chelsea, talks of potential points being deducted came from a recent report that claimed former owner Roman Abramovich had made payments off the books to previous employees.

That could, in theory, circumvent financial rules and be taken further, however the reality is that the club are yet to be charged. It means that not only an investigation from the Premier League would have to take place, there would then be the lengthy legal process that followed.

How that relates to the current squad is that it doesn’t at the moment and Pochettino must make the huge decision to block out any noise from himself and the rest of the team. Their aim, as it stands, will be to make the Champions League this season and to continue the project.

The young squad have started to gel and show impressive performances and results against Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Manchester City. The last thing they need is the potential of these deductions hovering over their heads for the coming festive period of fixtures.

At this stage, it isn’t a concern and it can’t be controlled, so Pochettino will be tasked with keeping his team focused on the here and now, which starts with a clash against Newcastle.

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