Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino has really been in the headlines this weekend as we built up to this evening’s game against Tottenham.

It was all too easy to create content and drama around Pochettino before this game, with his history of obviously managing Spurs. Quotes and headlines were manipulated all over the place and there has even been some Chelsea fans calling for Pochettino to go already.

It’s madness really at this stage of the season, but I’m not surprised at all.

But what are Chelsea actually thinking on Pochettino? Well, they have their club demands and goals this season, but even if they aren’t reached then Pochettino isn’t necessarily going to be sacked then either.

Journalist Ben Jacobs has the latest on it writing in his Chelsea column for SPTC this week.

Jacobs explains that Pochettino’s job is safe, as it should be.

He said: “Pochettino’s job is safe even with Chelsea in mid-table. We all know football is a results-driven business but the ownership knew when appointing Pochettino they would have to give him time.

“Sacking another manager would send the wrong message to the industry and make it even harder to attract a top name.

“The goal is absolutely Champions League football, and European qualification as a bare minimum. But Pochettino is likely to be given more than one season even if Chelsea finish mid-table.”

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