BREAKING NEWS:“I heard some pundits and some Chelsea fans telling Pochettino to drop me to the bench because of my little dip in form, but now it’s time for me to talk”- Chelsea player Nicolas Jackson finally addreses the media and breaks the silence after Pochettino was told to drop him to bench because of his dip in form

Every word Mauricio Pochettino said on Perez red, Jackson confrontation, Palmer and Chelsea loss
Mauricio Pochettino faced the media following Chelsea’s defeat to Brentford at Stamford Bridge as goals from Ethan Pinnock and Bryan Mbeumo secured victory for the visitors

What did you put the defeat down to?

I think the analysis of the defeat is clear because after the first half we should score and we didn’t score. It is easy when you dominate and create chances and you don’t concede chances and the opponent doesn’t cross the halfway line. I think you should score. If you don’t score you need to blame yourself and we are going to blame ourselves because we were not nasty or clinical in front of the goal. We created chances but did not score.

Sometimes you need some luck, you know, to score and after the game changed in the second half but I think we give the belief because we didn’t score and the second half, I think we cannot concede these types of goals. It was our mistake. That is why we lose the game.

It’s obvious at the moment, no. So far, no. Bad luck. Nkunku that proved he can score in big leagues like Bundesliga was injured in the last pre-season game. This type of thing did not help. Then we need to recover Broja and different circumstances Nicolas Jackson was affected for different reasons, but he’s young and arriving this season and needs time to adapt. Of course that is obvious, and your analysis and some point, I think we agree.

It was a moment we all felt frustrated. After 40 minutes of playing really well and creating chances we didn’t score. This moment was a little bit down, the energy of the situation. He [Jackson] arrived to me and we talked about the position on the pitch and find some solution and we gave direction to him. Because it was calm, one fan said ‘oh wake up’ and started to abuse a little bit, I don’t say that absuse but it’s abusing. For Nico, he lost a little bit of focus, I said ‘come on, be focused here’. He repeat again and say ‘oh, let’s stop talking this way, we need support, stay behind the team’. That;s it, nothing more, very respectful and the fan was respectful obly he said wake up and the player took it in a bad way. It’s normal because the player wanted to score, to provide a good thing. Nothing more.

Jesus Perez was sent off…

Yeah, because in the rules, he cannot go to the… we apologise to Brentford and apologise to the referee because he wanted to take the ball in front of Brentford. Nothing more than this.

Next one is Wednesday here, Carabao Cup. Of course, after we are going to talk about the league. We played Liverpool, we played Arsenal and the team did really well. When you see this type of game today, like Nottingham Forest, we dominate and we cannot score goals, the block is so, so deep. Too many bodies inside of the box, we struggled a little bit to score but I think if you see the different games when we play teams like Arsenal or Liverpool, the team did really well. That is why we are not worried. We need to move on, we need to win Wednesday and then to prepare the game against Tottenham.

You had to push Jesus away from Brentford?

It’s normal, they say ‘what are you doing here?’, ‘I want to take the ball’. That’s it. Nothing more.

Is he banned from press conferences?

I think the rule is to be banned (press officer: we’re unsure). I think it is better to stay away.

Two keepers on the bench, sometimes used as a message?

No, not really. It’s because we lose yesterday Mudryk and Enzo at the last moment. Alex Matos and Deivid Washington, the plan was yesterday to play at 7 o’clock with the under-21 and we stopped them to play, they came with us. We didn’t have another player, only to take another from the under-21 but they were playing also. That is why there are three keepers. Too many injured players and we didn’t have more.

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