“I was so angry” Pochettino jokes about star man’s bottle throwing incident.

Chelsea players were frustrated when Arsenal scored a late equaliser last Saturday, and Cole Palmer, who had just been subbed off, threw a water bottle to the ground in frustration.

It bounced up and – wouldn’t you just know it – hit Mauricio Pochettino. What bad luck for a player looking to impress their coach!

Palmer addressed it in an interview on the Chelsea website earlier this week, and it all looks like it has been laughed off internally already, with the former Man City man understandably apologetic to his boss.

Inevitably Pochettino was asked about it in his press conference today, and he joked about the consequences, sarcastically saying that Palmer would be out for tomorrow’s game.

“I was so angry” the coach revealed about the moments after the incident when he didn’t know where the bottle had come from, before explaining how he had turned round to see a mortified Palmer standing in front of him.

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