Mauricio Pochettino has revealed Chelsea’s Christmas Eve clash at Wolves will see him miss his anniversary with his wife.

The Blues are scheduled to travel to Molineux on December 24 for the first fixture of its kind in 28 years.

The decision has sparked outrage from fans of both sides amid the potential transport and logistical problems over the festive period.

Pochettino has another concern on his mind, though, given his wedding anniversary is the day before.

Speaking ahead of Chelsea’s clash against Brentford, live on talkSPORT, he said: “The fans are not happy? Me either.

“I am unhappy also because December 23 is my anniversary with my wife and I need to travel to Wolves.

“I’m not going to spend the night of the 23rd in my house and the 24 December, for an Argentine, it’s a really important night.

“I hope to arrive on time to celebrate. But yes, our fans are not happy, I am not happy also.”

However, when questioned if Chelsea will potentially try to get the date of the game changed, he admitted: “It’s difficult.

“I think it’s not easy to change but we need to accept we are in England and it’s different to the rest of the world.

“But I need to adapt myself, even if I’m not happy I need to do my best to try to be on our best level and of course, to accept that the situation, you cannot change.”

Pochettino was then jokingly asked if he has told his wife yet and replying with a smirk, he said: “I believe I’m not going to convince her to come! It’s going to be my 31st anniversary.”

Chelsea currently sit tenth in the Premier League table but have picked up seven points from their last three games.

Visitors Brentford have won both of their visits to Stamford Bridge but Pochettino will be keen to ensure the Blues come out on top.

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