Chelsea’s injury concerns have been a hot topic for the last few years with the blues, seeming to suffer way more than other clubs. Only Manchester United have suffered a similar amount of injuries to Chelsea this season.

It got me thinking what is exactly the issue? Could it be Mauricio Pochettino’s training methods? Could it be the fact that Chelsea have let go so many staff in such a small amount of time? Could it be Chelsea players using their own coaches and different methods at home?

It’s more than likely a combination of all those things and more, but in my opinion, the injuries are getting way too much to be a coincidence or just bad luck now and Chelsea should have an internal investigation.

What would come of that? I don’t know. In fact, Chelsea have probably already had internal investigations or discussions as to the cause of all of these injuries but Chelsea fans don’t know that.

In my opinion it’s time to go a little bit more public and reveal some of the main issues and if the internal staff and owners root of the issue and perhaps it is time to hire some experts to do that.

Reece James has just come back from injury and that’s fine to fans for staying patient with him, but what to say he will now stay injury free?

Armando Broja recently returned from a big ACL injury, but then missed the game against Arsenal with an irritated knee, similarly Carney Chukweumeka suffered a set back in his recovery from injury.

What do you think is the main issue with Chelsea’s persistent injuries?

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