Armando Broja made his first start of the season on Monday night, scoring a goal against Fulham and looking really impressive. Finally, for the first time since August, we have two genuine strikers competing to play up top.

Mauricio Pochettino was asked about this in press conference today, but he shot down the idea that he had any doubts about tomorrow’s selection right away.

“It’s already decided,” he said, strongly indicating also that he had already told the players what the team would be. That would line up with what we heard post game on Monday from Broja, who said he’d found out he was starting the day before he played.

We can only conclude from this that it means that Jackson is starting, given Broja is only working his way back to full fitness and Jackson has had a nice long rest due to his suspension. It’s the obvious decision.

After the international break, that’s where the competition really begins….

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