Mikel Arteta is a happy man this new season, and this is not just because his side beat Nottingham Forest 2-1, but because he now has a big quality squad; he has a beautiful “headache” of deciding who to play and who not to play.

Arteta said, “That’s what we’ve been trying to do, increase the depth of the squad and the quality as well, and the ability to be more flexible.

“Having that ability is something that, as a coach, you really want. You saw that in the game [against Manchester City], and the moment we changed the game with the formation, we put some quality players on the pitch with a different freshness and a lot of creativity, and all the things started to happen in the game.

“Leo [Trossard] scored the goal, Fabio scored the winner, and those finishers are going to be really, really important.”

On what he’ll do to make sure every of his players gets a chance to play, he added: “I think you have to treat everybody the same.

“You have to make them important, and in order to do that, they have to play football matches. Football is a collective sport, and only 11 players play, and then there are another 11 players most of the time that are not happy with the situation. It’s how we deal with that.

“Every three days, we’ll have a game, and it’ll tell you a lot about the human being and the professional – when you are playing and when you are not, what is your actual contribution to the team? We want players that have that feeling that they are happy when the team wins because it is a team sport.”

This 2023-24 league campaign could be Arsenal’s season; the 2-1 Forest win was just the start of a title-winning PL run.

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