There have been some unbelievable shot-stoppers over the years.

  • Key Takeaways:
  •  Arsenal’s success in the Premier League era is indebted to the contribution of their goalkeepers, who have been both guardians of the net and key tactical players.
  •  The goalkeepers have not only prevented goals but also ignited attacks, becoming icons in their own right with their brilliance.
  •  The connection between the fans and the goalkeepers is unique, with the keepers often becoming the fan’s hero through crucial saves and moments of composure under pressure.

Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, Arsenal Football Club has been a defining force in English football.

A key factor behind the Gunners’ success has been their goalkeepers, those unsung heroes who’ve been guardians of the net. The fascinating story of Arsenal’s rise in the Premier League era cannot be told without appreciating the individuals who’ve been entrusted with one of the game’s most specialized and crucial roles.

The goalkeepers have not only prevented goals but also ignited attacks, becoming key tactical players in a team’s success. Whether it’s a youngster bursting onto the scene or a seasoned veteran providing experience and calm, Arsenal’s goalkeepers have been a diverse group with unique attributes, but all have shared a common goal: success on the pitch.







From acrobatic saves to commanding the defensive line, the men between the posts have been instrumental in Arsenal’s glory days, helping the club secure league titles, domestic cups, and European achievements. They have become icons in their own right, with individual brilliance often turning the tide in crucial matches.

Over the years, the North London side’s keepers have thrilled the fans with their agility, reflexes, and determination. But they’ve also been the embodiment of grace under pressure, maintaining their composure in the most demanding situations. Many of them have risen through the ranks, from being relative unknowns to becoming some of the most recognizable faces in world football.

The connection between the supporters and the goalkeepers is a unique one. While forwards may grab the headlines, it’s often the goalkeeper who becomes the fan’s hero. A crucial save, a winning penalty stop, or even a simple pat on a teammate’s back can endear them to the hearts of the fans.

In this article, we’ll delve into the illustrious history of Arsenal’s goalkeepers, shining a spotlight on the ten best of the Premier League era. This is no mere nostalgic trip down memory lane. It’s a recognition of excellence, a celebration of achievement, and a tribute to the men who’ve donned the gloves and stood tall in the Arsenal goal.

Through careful examination and drawing on data from TransferMarkt, we have compiled a list that represents the crème de la crème of Arsenal’s goalkeeping legacy. Join us as we explore these remarkable careers, relive the memorable moments, and pay homage to the ten best Arsenal goalkeepers of the Premier League era.

12 Emiliano Martínez








In his short stint as Arsenal’s first-choice keeper, Emiliano Martínez made an impact that won’t be easily forgotten.

After patiently waiting for his chance, Martínez grabbed the opportunity with both hands during the 2019/20 season. His composure and ability to pull off crucial saves helped Arsenal win the FA Cup. With 15 appearances and a transfer value peak of £17.2 million, Martínez’s Arsenal story is one of perseverance, triumph, and an unassuming hero who became a beloved figure during his time at the club.




11 Rami Shaaban








Rami Shaaban may not have had a long tenure with Arsenal, but his performances during the 2002/03 season were significant.

Though injuries cut his time short at Arsenal, Shaaban’s determination, commitment, and skill in those 5 appearances were commendable, reflecting the true spirit of a Gunner. His stint was short, yet impactful, and his quick reflexes often caught the eyes of the fans, leaving a lasting impression.


10 Lukasz Fabianski









Lukasz Fabianski served as a reliable backup for Arsenal during his seven-year stay, embodying consistency and readiness.

Although never a consistent first-choice keeper, Fabianski was always ready when called upon, contributing to 78 appearances and some key performances in cup competitions. With a value that peaked at £6.3 million, Fabianski’s calm and collected demeanour made him a dependable option for the Gunners, earning respect from teammates and fans alike.


9 David Ospina








David Ospina’s tenure at Arsenal saw him feature prominently in domestic and European competitions, earning the nickname “The Colombian Wall” among fans.

With a value that reached £7.7 million and 70 appearances, Ospina’s agility and excellent shot-stopping abilities helped Arsenal secure critical victories. Though sometimes overshadowed by other goalkeepers, Ospina’s commitment and consistent performances have left a mark that cannot be ignored.



8 Alex Manninger









Alex Manninger, during his time at Arsenal, played a vital understudy role, especially during the 1997/98 season.

With a peak value of £4.3 million and 64 appearances, Manninger’s consistent performances earned him respect. His ability to step up when needed made him an essential part of the squad and contributed to Arsenal’s winning ways. His willingness to take on any role and his ability to shine when given the opportunity have made him a noteworthy part of Arsenal’s history.

7 Bernd Leno








Bernd Leno’s arrival at Arsenal marked the beginning of a new era in goalkeeping for the club.

With a peak value of £34.5 million and over 100 appearances, Leno quickly established himself as one of the Premier League’s elite. His presence in goal, coupled with exceptional agility and outstanding ball distribution, characterizes the modern-day star that he is. Leno’s ability to adapt and evolve with the game’s demands demonstrates his forward-thinking approach to goalkeeping. His consistency, particularly in tight situations, has garnered widespread acclaim and endeared him to the Arsenal faithful.

His performances in key fixtures, such as crucial saves in Europa League matches, reflect his excellence and commitment. Leno’s professionalism, skill, and attitude set a new benchmark for goalkeeping at Arsenal, making him an essential part of the team’s present and future.




6 Jens Lehmann








Jens Lehmann’s name is forever linked with one of the most extraordinary achievements in football history: Arsenal’s unbeaten 2003/04 league campaign.

With 148 appearances and a peak value of £6.4 million, Lehmann’s tenure at Arsenal was marked by boldness, command, and an unbreakable will to win. His fearless approach and crucial saves played a pivotal role in the ‘Invincibles’ season, where Arsenal went 49 league games unbeaten. Lehmann’s performances in key matches, such as his heroics in the Champions League run to the final in 2006, added to his iconic status.

Off the pitch, his leadership and influence in the dressing room were invaluable. He not only made saves but also instilled confidence in the defence, becoming a psychological bulwark for the team. Lehmann’s legacy at Arsenal transcends individual records and stands as a symbol of a golden era. His contributions will forever be celebrated as part of the rich tapestry of Arsenal’s illustrious history.


4 Wojciech Szczęsny







Wojciech Szczęsny’s journey at Arsenal is an inspiring tale that saw a young and promising prospect evolve into a world-class goalkeeper.

His rise within the ranks was meteoric, and he became Arsenal’s first-choice goalkeeper at just 20. With a peak value of £13 million and an impressive 181 appearances, Szczęsny’s ability to blend talent, confidence, and flair made him a standout player. His spectacular saves and willingness to lead made him a fan favourite. Notably, Szczęsny won the Premier League Golden Glove during the 2013/14 season, a testament to his quality.

His legacy continues to be an inspiration for young talents today, reminding them that with hard work and determination, they can reach the pinnacle of their dreams.

3 Aaron Ramsdale








Aaron Ramsdale’s signing by Arsenal was met with excitement, signalling the arrival of a young and highly promising talent to bolster the goalkeeping ranks. Though he is relatively new to the club, Ramsdale’s potential has already created a buzz among fans and experts.

With his previous experiences in the Premier League, Ramsdale demonstrated agility, exceptional shot-stopping ability, and strong command of his penalty area. His youthful energy and modern approach to goalkeeping align with Arsenal’s forward-thinking philosophy, making him an ideal fit.

But Ramsdale’s attributes go beyond his technical skills. His work ethic, character, and desire to constantly improve have impressed coaches and teammates alike. These traits are vital for a player looking to make his mark in a club with a rich goalkeeping heritage.

Moreover, Ramsdale’s leadership and communication on the pitch indicate a maturity beyond his years. He not only takes charge of his defence but also contributes to building play from the back, an essential aspect of the modern game.

His performances in an Arsenal shirt have already shown glimpses of brilliance, hinting at what’s to come. It’s clear that Ramsdale is more than just a backup option; he is a goalkeeper who could play a significant role in the coming years, challenging for the number one spot.

His story at Arsenal is just beginning, but it’s one filled with promise and excitement. As Ramsdale continues to grow and adapt to life at a big club, his journey will be one to watch closely. He represents not only the present but also the potential future of Arsenal’s goalkeeping legacy, and his development could very well define a new era for the club.

With a dedicated approach and the right guidance, Aaron Ramsdale’s time at Arsenal could see him evolve into one of the Premier League’s standout goalkeepers, furthering the great tradition of goalkeeping excellence at the club. His arrival is more than just a transfer; it’s an investment in a bright future, an acknowledgement of potential greatness, and a testament to Arsenal’s commitment to nurturing and developing the stars of tomorrow.

2 David Seaman







Few names resonate with Arsenal fans as profoundly as David Seaman, a goalkeeper whose excellence between the sticks is nothing short of legendary.

With a staggering 405 appearances and a peak value of £17.2 million, Seaman’s contribution to Arsenal goes far beyond mere numbers. His leadership, composure, and unbelievable saves became the backbone of Arsenal’s defence for over a decade. His iconic save against Sheffield United in the FA Cup semi-final in 2003 remains etched in the memory of fans. Seaman was more than just a player; he was a true guardian of the Arsenal goal. His heroics helped the club achieve significant successes, including two Premier League titles and four FA Cup wins. Beyond his accolades, Seaman has become a symbol of the club’s rich history and tradition, embodying the spirit and class of Arsenal. His influence continues to be felt, making him not just a former player but a living legend within the club.

1 Petr Čech







Petr Čech’s addition to Arsenal in 2015 marked the arrival of one of the most experienced and celebrated goalkeepers in the world. With 110 appearances for the Gunners and a peak value of £8.6 million, Čech’s time at Arsenal was filled with remarkable moments and solid performances.

His experience, skill, composure, and winning mentality set him apart from the rest. The 2015/16 season was particularly notable for Čech, as he kept 16 clean sheets, showcasing his outstanding ability to organize the defence and make crucial saves. This record alone makes a strong case for his ranking as the best Arsenal goalkeeper of the Premier League era, but his influence extended far beyond the pitch.

Čech brought a sense of calm and assurance to the Arsenal goal, and his professionalism was an example for others to follow.

His leadership and presence were felt throughout the squad, impacting not only the defensive line but the entire team’s approach to the game.


Off the field, Čech’s dedication to his craft and willingness to mentor younger players provided an invaluable resource to the club. His work with Arsenal’s academy and development squads helped nurture the next generation of talent, passing on his wisdom and experience.

A true icon of the game and an inspiration to aspiring goalkeepers everywhere, Čech’s legacy at Arsenal is unsurpassable.

His name will forever be associated with excellence, determination, and class, not only within the confines of Arsenal but in the broader context of football’s rich history. His impact on the club and the sport continues to resonate, cementing his place as a true legend.

From legends of the game to unsung heroes, these goalkeepers have each left an indelible mark on Arsenal’s rich history. Their individual brilliance, combined with a team-first approach, has provided fans with thrilling moments and unparalleled successes. The legacy they leave behind will continue to inspire future generations of Gunners, forever etching their names in the annals of one of football’s greatest clubs.










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