If all goes to plan, Arsenal should be announcing three big transfers in the coming weeks.

Kai Havertz has apparently agreed to join the club, they appear to be making decent headway on the Declan Rice deal, and apparently, they could also announce the arrival of Jurrien Timber before Rice.

Indeed, according to Paul Brown, speaking to GiveMeSport, the Timber deal could actually be tied up before the Rice deal.

“Arsenal have done pretty quick work on Jurrien Timber, and it’s very possible he arrives at the club before Rice does. Rice is a much bigger deal which tends to be more problematic in general,” Brown said of the ‘great player’.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter the order in which these players sign, all that matters is that they actually do end up joining the club.

Timber, Rice and Havertz would be three brilliant additions, and even if Arsenal don’t make any other signings this summer, this will be a fantastic transfer window to say the least.

They will have addressed the three key areas in their squad, and, once again, they will have signed another crop of young, hungry players with room to improve.

Of course, as of right now, Arsenal haven’t made a single signing this summer, but sometimes new arrivals are like buses and they all come at once.

Don’t be too shocked if Havertz, Rice and Timber are all signed in the coming weeks, and, by the sounds of it, Rice could well be the final deal announced by the Gunners.

One thing is for sure, this is going to be a very exciting summer for Arsenal fans.

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