I Have The Strategy To Win 2023 Election, I Won’t Waste My Time On Social Media Publicity – Imumolen – According to Christopher Imumolen, the Accord Party’s presidential candidate, he has the strategy to rally Nigerians behind his plans for the nation.

Imumolen told reporters on Thursday that he won’t waste his time on social media publicity since he has been putting the pieces in place for years to give him the presidency of the country in 2023.

I’ll say this. The results of the election will be somewhat unpredictable because the candidates that enter the contest with a clear strategy will likely prevail. I have always been a strategist, he declared. I have been influencing people’s lives for the past 15 years while planning this. Through mass mobilization and empowerment initiatives, I have been constructing my structure from the ground up.

“I doubt I would have won the Accord party’s primary elections if it had been determined by the amount of noise one could make on social media. Publicity is beneficial, However, not at the price of a genuine plan to garner the necessary support to become the president of a nation like Nigeria”.

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