Four Promises Made By APC And Buhari In 2015 That Are Yet To Be Fulfilled – There was a remarkable shift in Nigeria’s political orientation in 2014 when most of the strong minority forces collided together to take the mantle of power from the PDP which has ruled the country for an uninterrupted 16 years. The clamours for change became visible as Nigerians were tired of bad governance and flagrant disobedience to the laws of the country among government officials.

The selection of General Muhammadu Buhari as the Presidential candidate also renewed the confidence of the electorates in the party as he was speculated to have an unquestionable personality. However, APC made a plethora of promises to Nigerians to improve the general well-being of the country. It is just sad that APC has failed Nigerians on those promises made in 2015. Below are the failed promises made by the Buhari-led administration.

1. Adequate Security

APC campaign team promised the defeat of Boko Haram and the rehabilitation and reintegration of repentant insurgents. It is a sad thing to say that levels of insecurity, terrorism and banditry are now the order of the day as nobody in the country is safe anymore.

2. Economic Growth

Nigerians were promised massive economic improvement with real GDP growth of 10 per cent per annum. It is no gainsaying that the economic situation has worsened and the exchange rate is higher than more than it can ever be imagined.

3. Improved Health Sector

It was part of the promises in 2015 that doctors would be increased by 25 per cent and health facilities will be refined but the opposite is now the case as the health sector is underfunded and doctors have been on strike severally as a result because could not meet their demands. The president and top government functionaries do not have trust in the country’s health care system as they do travel out of the country for medical consultations.

4. Qualitative Educational System

Nigerian youths were promised a well-funded educational system and provisions of educational equipment for tertiary institutions. The truth is that the incumbent government has failed woefully in this regard as University lecturers are not well paid and the government’s inability to resolve the strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities for more than six months.

It is perceived that most Nigerians that voted for this administration are already tire of the government.

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