I Believe That Obi Will Support PDP When It Becomes Apparent That He Doesn’t Stand A Chance – Bwala – The spokesman of the Atiku-Okowa 2023 campaign, Daniel Bwala when asked by a journalist on Channels Television’s Political Paradigm about the chances of the the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP, Peter Obi in 2023 said that when it is time, he will work for Atiku. Bwala said,

“No political party in Nigeria wins without the structure. Why? Because Nigerian nation and our laws up till date has not recognized electronic voting. What we have is electronic transmission of results, meaning that these individuals you see fantasizing about Peter Obi, if they do not have a voter’s card, they will not vote. even those who have a voter’s card because of several orders. As a presidential candidate, you will need on an average three polling agents in each polling unit. If you multiply that by the number of polling unit, Peter Obi will need close to 500,000 recognize soldiers that will die for him to be in the poling unit.

“So this is the reason why I believe that Peter will doesn’t stand a chance. When the campaign starts, and you have to travel to different states of the federation, you will be faced with organic supporters, not social media supporters, that is when you will assess whether your popularity in the cyberspace translate to popularity of the voters, because cyberspace won’t vote for you. The voters will vote for you. And usually your popularity is assessed by the feedback you get from the voters. And that is why someone like me believe that at some point Peter Obi will support People’s Democratic Party, when it becomes apparent to him that he doesn’t stand a chance. This is because himself and People’s Democratic Party have a common belief that APC has failed Nigerians.”

Watch The video HERE Below.

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