Most Of The Money I’m Making Is From Africa: Singer Davido – In a recent interview with thebeat999fm, singer Davido stated that Africa is where he earns the majority of his income.

The same energy he experiences in Africa is not present in countries like America, he continued, with the exception of some significant events.

The singer claimed that in Africa, he can earn up to $100,000 for a single performance, such as singing at a birthday party.

In his words,

“Till today, most of the money I’m making is from Africa because in America, we’re seen of… I won’t say, upcoming but I ain’t get the same vibe I get over here except it’s like a big festival.

while in Nigeria or Africa somebody gives birth to a baby, they want to perform the naming ceremony, they’ll call you to perform two songs, they’ll give you $100,000 just because Africans just like partying”.

The singer added that most times, he tries to instill it to the head of the people overseas that he’s only there because he wants to export Afrobeats worldwide.

He also appreciated the producers overseas however, he said they’re young producers in Nigeria that could even do more than what they do overseas; adding that he’s very comfortable where he’s coming from. MORE

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