Lagos Agent Breaks The Leg Of Businesswoman Over N30m Failed Deal

Igbinoba claimed that after the money was paid, her siblings discovered that Mosadoluwa was attempting to defraud them and demanded a refund.

According to The PUNCH, Adeyinka Igbinoba, a businesswoman, has accused a land agent, Saheed Mosadoluwa, of brutalizing her and her brother-in-law on the premises of his office in Victoria Garden City, Lagos State’s Victoria Island area.

Igbinoba’s sisters allegedly paid Mosadoluwa N30 million as a down payment for a plot of land.

Igbinoba claimed that after the money was paid, her siblings discovered that Mosadoluwa was attempting to defraud them and demanded a refund.

The businesswoman said her siblings petitioned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission after their attempts to seek a refund failed.

As the investigation into the matter progressed, Igbinoba stated her mother interfered, and Mosadoluwa agreed to meet with them for additional discussion.

The Lagos State native said she was summoned to Mosadoluwa’s office on Landbook Properties, Eleganza Complex, near VGC, while her mother, brother-in-law, and siblings were preparing for the meeting.

“Unbeknownst to us, the meeting was an ambush,” she explained. Saheed Mosadoluwa had his thugs stationed throughout the stadium. We went to his office in good faith, and my mother began by appealing with him to repay the N30 million. When he stated we should withdraw the case from the EFCC, one of my sisters was also pleading.

“At that point, my sister’s husband said that if that was what he desired, he should make a bank draft so we could have a guarantee before dismissing the case from the EFCC.” When I interfered, he became enraged and ordered his thugs to attack my brother-in-law.

“When I saw this, I took out my phone and tried to video it, then Mosadoluwa assaulted me.” He also took a plank and aimed it at my head, but I was able to avoid it.

“He caught up to me and kicked me in the face with his leg, knocking me to the ground.” My bones were fractured when Mosadoluwa attacked my ankle with the sword. It was only when I rose up to run that I realized I had suffered serious leg injuries.”

Mosadoluwa demanded her mother’s account number after seeing the degree of her injuries, according to Igbinoba, and sent N15 million to her.

“My driver hurried me to the hospital, and my nightmare began there,” she explained. My husband went to the Ajiwe Police Station in Ajah the next day, and Mosadoluwa was invited, but he didn’t show up. Instead, he dialed my mother’s number and began bragging about how he lives on Amen Estate and wasn’t the one who fractured my leg.

“When I first heard about Amen Estate, I immediately contacted Sade Gbadamosi, the Managing Director of Amen Estate’s developers, Redbrick Homes International Limited. When I asked if she knew Saheed Mosadouwa, she said she did and that he did indeed live on the estate.

“I described everything that happened, and Gbadamosi expressed her disappointment because we are her two best friends. She came to see me in the hospital the next day and informed me that if I wanted to collect the N15 million amount, I needed to dismiss all allegations against Mosadoluwa. I was dissatisfied and mistook this for blackmail.

“On the day Mosadoluwa was scheduled to appear at the Ajiwe Police Station, they received word that the case had been transferred to the Force CID Alagbon. When my husband arrived, he immediately went to visit Assistant Inspector-General of Police Usman Beliel, who summoned the Investigating Police Officer, SP Beatrice Agbator, to brief him on the case.

“Surprisingly, the case was presented to the AIG as a Redbrick case, bringing Sade Gbadamosi into the case directly.” We understood at the time that Gbadamosi planned to use her influence to divert the cause of justice because Redbrick and Gbadamosi did not assault me.”

The entrepreneur said that evidence was provided to the FCID but that nothing was done for months, and that she petitioned the Lagos State Attorney General, Moyosore Onigbanjo SAN, the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba, and the Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, among others.

“My petition had been detailed to the State CID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos State,” said the Ministry of Justice. The IGP also notified me about the situation, and Mosadoluwa was detained within FCID, where they had convened a meeting to discuss the case. Despite the fact that she had not been invited, Gbadamosi showed there and was arrested and released on bail.

“After that, we were invited to Abuja, and I was intending to move into my Amen Estate property during that time.” So I dispatched my workmen to my property to make some repairs, but Gbadamosi refused to let them in.

“We are awaiting the police investigation report before proceeding to court.” However, the case has been pending in court for almost six months. On May 6, 2022, Mosadoluwa paid the remaining N15 million, but I still want justice for what he did to me. “I now walk with crutches,” Igbinoba explained.

When contacted, Mosadoluwa stated that Igbinoba’s siblings did not buy the land from him directly, and that the transaction took a turn when the siblings accused him of fraud.

“They submitted the case to the EFCC, and our agent, Mr. Kola, was arrested,” he claimed. One of her siblings bought a plot of land worth N120 million and put down N30 million as a deposit to ensure the land wouldn’t be sold, but she couldn’t make the payment.

“As a result, the company paid the agent a 5% commission, and when the family requested a refund, the company subtracted 5% and 25%, which is standard procedure in real estate when a buyer seeks a refund.” The siblings, on the other hand, complained to the EFCC that the company had deceived them.

“We went there to submit our C-of-O and requested that the transaction be probed when the EFCC invited us.” However, their mother pleaded with me, and I gave in and instructed her to inform her children to drop their charges with the EFCC and come to receive their money, but their mother claimed that they owed money to other people, so I transferred N15 million.

“Shortly after, Mrs Igbinoba accused me of being unpleasant and verbally insulted me.” I told her to leave my office, and I saw her racing out; I’m guessing she went down the steps, but I don’t know, and she was fine until she left.”

“Igbinoba and my ex-husband are desperate,” Gbadamosi said when contacted. “They may want to plant evidence on the estate to support their false allegation of attempted murder.” We only asked for protection if she came to her location because she is accused of attempted murder.”

CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, the Force Police Public Relations Officer, said the IG monitoring section was looking into the matter and that justice will be done.

“They took over the case after a petition was made to the FCID, Alagbon,” he explained. They are aware that a report will be presented in order to make a decision on the matter. “There will be justice.”

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