Fast-rising American singer, Raqhid Render, popularly known as Lil Keed, is dead.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that his brother, Semaja Render, confirmed the singer’s demise. He was 24.

The cause of his death, which occurred on Friday, has not been revealed.

The rapper left behind a daughter, Naychur.

Lil Keed

See some reactions on Twitter to Lil Keed’s death below:

Doe Beezy wrote: “R.I.P Lil Keed. Pray For YSL.”

DJ Scheme wrote: “I’m sick bruh no way…RIP lil Keed.”

Lil Gnar wrote: “rip lil keed … wtf can’t believe I’m seeing dis rn. im sick to my stomach. my brudda was a good hearted nigga fr.”

Axel Udave wrote: “Rip lil Keed fr, they say they almost got all YSL members, and now Bruhh dead? Coincidence? Sound like they attacking YSL and set up js.”

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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