The Osinbajo Support Movement has traced the origins of a controversial ‘Judas betrayed his Master’ poster aimed at mocking Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

It will be recalled that Osinbajo, a former political godson of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, declared his intention to run for President in 2023 about a week ago. It’s common knowledge that Tinubu is also vying for the Party’s ticket.

The blasphemous poster was posted all around Abuja during the Easter.

Adejuwon Babatunde, director of media and publicity of the Osinbajo Support Movement(OSM), in a statement to journalists, claimed that telephone chats and call logs of a suspect arrested by security agencies indicate that the Tinubu campaign team was responsible for the posting of blasphemous posters.

The statement pointed out that the prime suspect, Mike Oluwole, a 52-year-old Abuja-based graphics designer from Osun state has since denied working for the Tinubu campaign team but records of his phone chats with a member of the team, contradicted his statement to the police.

The group stated that one Alhaji Aminu Suleiman and one Tosin Adeyanju from the Tinubu media group, dated Thursday, March 24, and Tuesday, April 12 revealed the involvement of the campaign team in the despicable act.

The OSM stated: “The exchanges between Mr. Oluwole and the other persons contradict his claims that he wasn’t working for anyone including Tinubu supporters. “The action by Tinubu’s supporters has exposed the desperation of the Vice President’s political opponents and the apprehension in their camp over Osinbajo’s increasing popularity and wide acceptability by Nigerians.”

“We urge the VP not to be distracted as the race for the 2023 elections intensifies. Nigerians however need to be vigilant and beware of the antics of those who do not mean well for our country, and who are deploying desperate strategies in an abortive attempt to revive a failing campaign.”

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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