There is no succor for victims of the March 28 Abuja-Kaduna train attack as negotiations between the terrorists and the Federal Government have been stalled.

POLITICS NIGERIA recalls that late last month, a Kaduna-bound train was attacked by bandits who have alliance with insurgents. Eight people were killed, over 20 injured and a number of others were abducted.

Last week, reports emerged that the FG has decided to negotiate with the terrorists.

The bandits had reportedly asked for the release of 16 sponsors and commanders in exchange for the abducted train passengers.

However, fresh information this weekend indicates that the FG won’t yield to the terrorists’ demands as the government fears the bandits are not trustable. Nigerian authorities referenced past talks and agreements which the terrorists breached.

The government is not ready to pay ransom on the abductees, neither is it considering releasing their commanders. This is because the last time the government released some commanders, they went back and the insurgency became worse.

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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