Android 5 Lollipop’s Lock Screen How To Unlock Or Bypass – Unlock/Bypass Lock Screen for Android 5 Lollipop is here for all Android users. If you’ve forgotten your Android lock pattern, don’t panic. Resetting your Android lock pattern is a simple process. This approach uses the Android 5.0 security issue to unlock your phone.

Here’s The Steps To Bypass The Lock Screen OAndroid LollipopAndroid 5 Lollipop's Lock Screen How To Unlock Or Bypass

1. Click on the Emergency Dialer in your locked Android first.

2. Now, type in any random sequence of numbers or characters until you’ve reached the system’s maximum allowable length.

3. Then, make a copy of all of the numbers you typed in.

4. Open the camera so that you can get to a lock screen even if it is locked.

5. You’ll be prompted for a password if you try to move the screen lower. You’ll want to paste in the code you copied before.

If the camera app doesn’t crash, try re-pasting the character code while pushing the volume keys on your keyboard.Android 5 Lollipop's Lock Screen How To Unlock Or Bypass

When the camera app dies and you return to the main menu, repeat this process until camera app crashes and you moved to main menu with unlocked screen.

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