Have you are a pupil or student who wrote exams every term/semesters? Do you know who invented exams? If No this article is for you. The man and the first person who conducted an exam when traced to record was Sir Henry Fischel, a one-time professor of Indiana University. He invented the ideology of examination in the 19th century.

The true reason for his invention of such doctrine was clear and simple. He invented the exam to test his students academically.

When he was a professor at the University of Indiana, he always saw lenient students who believed that after the end of the year, they will pass to the next class without evaluation. He wanted to know whether what the students were taught was a mere waste of executive time.

Sir Henry Fischel also try to recognise whether the students are studying properly or not.

These concerns were the justifications why he concluded to formulate an exam to review his students’ aptitude.

Nowadays, 70% of students are wondering why they have to write exams, read, memorise and in the same vein, rewrite what they have read in a book. Most students are tired of the examination system.

It’s quit Unfortunate that examination is presently a contest of grades, which lure most students into examination malpractice.

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