Armed bandits launched an all-night attack on Angwa Kadara in Juji community of Kaduna State on Tuesday.

POLITICS NIGERIA learned that the attack lasted till early Wednesday morning.

One lady was killed, another woman kidnapped, while three persons sustained bullet wounds, including the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) Commander whose team repelled the attack.

Five bandits’ motorcycles were reportedly recovered.

Providing more details on what happened, an indigene, Bossan Apollos who claimed he got the full gist of the terrorists’ attack from two residents, said the youths revolted without fear and caused the bandits to be terrified.

“The bandits actually came into Juji to kidnap people. These guys are not as strong as it may seem. The weapons they carry are what give some people the notion that they are strong, but they’re not. They’re very young boys,” Apollos said.

“So, some of them entered a particular house in Juji and it was just the mother and her two sons at home. One of the sons was bold enough to confront one of the bandits. It was said that he raised the young bandit up and hit him on the ground, which drew the attention of the other bandits. They were able to give the mama’s son an injury with a machete, but he miraculously escaped, leaving his brother and mother.

“The bandits took the two of them and tried advancing into the community to take more people hostage. They met a Bajju man who they took him. And while they were going, a massive number of youths rose up with great shouts and uproar. The youths didn’t have guns but they had guts. They were shouting “karya ne karya ne” and were advancing towards the kidnappers.

“This courage exhibited by the youths brought fear to the bandits; hence they had to retreat and went away into the bush. Unluckily for them, as they went on, they were intercepted by soldiers with vehicles and armoured tank.

“The soldiers began to open fire, thereby causing the bandits to disperse in different directions, leaving some of their hostages.

“The Bajju man was able to maneuver his way and hid behind a tree and the mama’s son followed him, but unfortunately mama didn’t follow them.

“The bandits kept exchanging bullets with the soldiers, but at last, they had to flee. The Bajju man and mama’s son came back home although separately but the bandits went away with mama.”

The article was originally published on Politics Nigeria.

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