Umah Ukpai Boo

Uma Ukpai (conceived January 7, 1945) is a Christian chief, a global evangelist, and minister from Nigeria.He is the organizer and leader of Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Affiliation (UUEA), a non-traditional gospel service situated in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.He is likewise a critical head of Pentecostal Cooperation of Nigeria, PFN, being a pioneer behind the development.


Early life


An Igbo from Asaga in Ohafia, Abia State, Uma Ukpai switched over completely to Christianity in 1958. He lost his dad to death at the period of Uma Ukpai portraying how his initial life challenges almost debilitated his Educational improvement and commented “I understand losing a dad and being a dad from that age. I understand what it is to set aside cash to pay school charges. Thus, I care deeply about poor people. I learnt sufficiently early to realize that the stone Satan tosses at you can turn into a venturing stone.”


Schooling and Capability


He went to Uma Ukpai Commemoration Elementary School, Asaga, and Khana Area Board School, Ogoni. Uma went through All Holy People Auxiliary School, Aba, and Niger Delta Specialized School, presently Young men Specialized School, Aba. Uma Ukpai moved on from the School of News coverage and TV, Frisham, Withdrawal, Joined Realm; South Florida Christian School Miami, Florida, USA; Carolina Christian College and Burke Book of scriptures School, Kentucky, USA. He holds a Declaration in Electrical Designing Practice, a Recognition in News-casting, a Lone wolf and Doctorate Certifications in Divine nature.



Uma is married to Philomena Uma Ukpai, a minister . Their marriage delivered 8 kids and a son. Uma Ukpai lost 2 of his youngsters in a car accident.




Uma Ukpai is called to fabricate spans between various groups through his evangelistic, prophetic and campaign ministry.For over 30 years, the service has run a clinical effort while accomplishing crafted by God.Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Affiliation, UUEA, is one of the lenders of Pentecostal Cooperation of Nigeria, (PFN).



Uma Ukpai has held numerous citywide campaigns all over Nigeria. At present he holds a yearly campaign, More prominent Ohafia For Christ Campaign, and as a team with Dr Celestine Iwendi – a teacher and the Minister in control at The Safe place Services, Uma holds Anioma 1,000,000 Man Campaign, Nsukka 2012,: 73 and More noteworthy Ibadan for Christ 1982. It was his More prominent Lagos for Christ Campaign of 1985 that brought forth the Pentecostal Partnership of Nigeria (PFN)

Uma Ukpai is the executive of Uma Ukpai Eye Center, and Ruler of Lords Medical clinic, an expert medical clinic in Abia Express, that administrates networks in Abia, Akwa Ibom and Cross Stream States.


Scholastic Organizations


He is the owner of Uma Ukpai School of Philosophy and Scriptural Investigations, Uyo, Uma Ukpai Polytechnic Asaga, Uma Ukpai Grant Establishment and Joseph business college, partner of Joseph business college Chicago, USA.

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