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The Atikulated, The BATified & The Obidient: An Analysis Of The 3 Major Presidential Candidates



The Atikulated, The BATified & The Obidient: An Analysis Of The 3 Major Presidential Candidates

The Atikulated, The BATified & The Obidient: An Analysis Of The 3 Major Presidential Candidates

As the 2023 presidential election draws closer, the political atmosphere is already getting tensed up, especially as the campaign season is set to kick off in a couple of days. The electioneering season is full of uncertainties and no political party can beat its chest to say that it can win the 2023 presidential election. There has never been such political awareness and consciousness, especially among the youths.

It wouldn’t be out of place to link the current youth awakening in political matters to the socio-economic reality of the country depicted by unemployment, inflation, and insecurity to mention but a few. In 2020, the #EndSars protest was another moment when Nigerian youths came out to demand better treatment from the government. The 2023 election is behind the corner, statistics from INEC showed that youths between the age range of 18 to 34 will decide the outcome of the 2023 presidential election. It implies that the 2023 election is a battle between politicians and the youth.

With the myriad of challenges bedeviling the country, three major presidential candidates have emerged as the flag bearer of their political parties to contest for the highest position in the Nigerian government with the promise of proffering solutions to numerous challenges confronting the nation. Below are the slogan coined by Nigerians to support their presidential candidates

The BATified – Bola Tinubu/Shettima Ticket

This refers to Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) and his running mate Kashim Shettima of the All Progressives Congress, APC. The party is fielding a Muslim-Muslim ticket. Bola Tinubu is referred to as the kingmaker who wants to be king. He has been a prominent member of the political class since the third republic. He was one of those who earnestly fought for the return of democracy during the military era. He later became the governor of Lagos State and served two terms. He was instrumental in laying the groundwork for the development of modern Lagos State. He is a godfather of repute who has helped several politicians in getting to the zenith of their political careers.

At 70, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, BAT is the second oldest presidential candidate contesting the 2023 presidential election. Political analysts have opined that many of the young voters do not believe he understands the challenges facing young Nigerians in the world today. Another group believes that his health status, controversies surrounding his formal education, and the adoption of a Muslim-Muslim ticket could make or mar his ambition. In all these issues, BAT has remained highly optimistic about winning in 2023.

The ATIkulated – Atiku Abubakar/Ifeanyi Okowa Ticket

This refers to Atiku Abubakar and his running mate Ifeanyi Okowa of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Atiku needs no introduction. As popularly known, Wazirin Adamawa was Nigeria’s vice president between 1999 and 2007 a period that was pivotal in Nigeria’s history. Information from a reliable source has it that was largely in control of the economic team that was arguably Nigeria’s best administration in the fourth republic. As an industrialist and entrepreneur, he is the second biggest employer of labor in Adamawa State.

Becoming the president of Nigeria has been his lifelong ambition which has made him keep contesting for the presidential ticket both in the primary and general elections. He has always remained a formidable adversary for any aspiring presidential candidate. Some political analysts have predicted that Atiku remains the PDP’s best chance of regaining power from their biggest rival, the APC. At 75, Akitulated remains the oldest presidential candidate contesting in the 2023 presidential election.

The OBIdient – Peter Obi/Datti Baba-Ahmed Ticket

This refers to Peter Obi and his running mate Datti Baba-Ahmed of the Labour Party. Obi is the underdog who is taking the country by storm. He is considered a presidential candidate without a structure, but fortunately for him, many see him as someone who represents hope to a class of young citizens who wants a fresh viewpoint on national leadership and grassroots politics. He has exceeded the status of a candidate for a movement. He is loved by many for his track record in Anambra State, matter-of-fact opinion on issues, and media friendliness.

He is contesting with two political veterans, Tinubu and Atiku in the 2023 presidential election. Winning a national election is no child’s play especially when his party, Labour Party doesn’t have the required structure. Even though he enjoys the goodwill of the people, political analysts have opined that he needs to expand his reach to the country’s most remote locations while having an astute voter education to penetrate the underserved. He must have a documented blueprint on how he intends to fix Nigeria.


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