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Stakeholders Urge Agencies To Enforce Environment Protection Laws



Stakeholders Urge Agencies To Enforce Environment Protection Laws

Stakeholders Urge Agencies To Enforce Environment Protection Laws

Environmental groups and activists have petitioned the appropriate government agencies, pleading with them to guarantee that environmental protection regulations are strictly adhered to as part of the fight against air pollution.

This was one of the recommendations that was included in a communique that was issued at an international conference on COVID-19, air quality, and environment that was hosted by Osun State University, Osogbo. The conference was co-organized by the Center for Atmospheric Research and Penn State University.

The communique, which was obtained on Saturday after the conference that was attended by stakeholders and representatives of various regulatory agencies, called for the promulgation of environmental laws as well as effective communication of those laws. It was signed by the Director of the Center for Atmospheric Research, Professor Babatunde Rabiu, and Dr. Olusegun Fawole, University of Portsmouth.

In addition to this, it states, “There is an immediate need for Nigeria to build its Air Quality Index. This would enable key bodies, particularly the Manufacturer Association of Nigeria, to independently monitor and control the emissions from their factories.”

“The general population ought to become more aware and cognizant of the quality of the air that is all around them. As a result, reporting on the quality of the air should replace the current practice of reporting on the weather.

“Government agencies should work together with relevant stakeholders to promulgate environmental protection legislation, effectively explain these laws to the public, and enforce these laws when necessary.”

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