Over Claimed Jealousy, A Landlord In Rivers Attacks A Couple With A Machete

Over Claimed Jealousy, A Landlord In Rivers Attacks A Couple With A Machete

Comfort Nwagadi and her fiancée, Stanley Nwagadi, were attacked with a machete by a landlord on Ekwulobia Street Mile 3, Diobu in Port Harcourt City Local Council of Rivers State on Sunday.

The landlord, identified only as Alabo, had been mocking Comfort for dating, but was saddened to learn that she was retaining a man who she essentially looks after, according to the Guardian.

Comfort stated she had a fight with Alabo, who also lives in the property, on Sunday morning when she cleaned and spread her clothing on the line, and Alabo, who also lives in the compound, removed her clothes and threw them on the ground.

She claims that when she went to pick up the clothes, the landlord began verbally abusing her, telling her that “instead of a guy to keep you at home, you are throwing yourself at a man.”

According to Comfort, her fiancée came in and overheard the landlord’s remark, and the two had a verbal exchange.

Co-tenants broke up the fight, she added, and she and her fiancée departed the facility.

She went on to say that, unbeknownst to them, Alabo had sharpened a machete and was ready to attack.

The landlord rushed her with a machete and inflicted many machete cuts on her the moment she entered inside the compound as they returned from where they went, according to Comfort.

Stanley, who rushed to her aid after hearing her screams, was also injured on the head and hand before the suspect fled.

Meanwhile, her fiancée, Stanley, who was hospitalized with Comfort as a result of the cuts, has demanded justice.

Although officers from the Azikiwe Police Division in Ilabouchi Mile 2 Diobu visited the couple in the hospital, the Rivers State Police Command has yet to issue a formal statement.

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