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Nigerians Shouldn’t Blame FG For ASUU Strike – Minister



Nigerians Shouldn’t Blame FG For ASUU Strike – Minister

Nigerians Shouldn’t Blame FG For ASUU Strike – Minister – On Wednesday, the minister of education, Adamu Adamu, cleared the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari of any wrongdoing in the continuing strike, claiming that he had done everything in his ability to accept the university union’s offer.

Nigerians have no cause to be dissatisfied with the government on this matter, according to the minister who spoke on Channels TV Politics Today.

If Nigerians are dissatisfied, he asserted, “I don’t think they have very solid reasons to be dissatisfied with the government on this matter.”

In the interview, Adamu went on to discuss the Federal Government’s efforts to end the industrial action, stating that the government has suggested a one-time payout for the striking professors, clarifying that it won’t be paid in installments, contrary to earlier agreements.

He asserted, “The position of the government that I offered is something government can pay if they say they will agree.

The pay for university employees has increased by 35% for professors and by 23.5% for all job categories in federal universities. Polytechnics and colleges of education fall under the same category. 150 billion more is available for rehabilitation and earned allowances.

The president is currently awaiting the findings of the technical committee formed to examine the three platforms in order to decide which platform would be used to pay salaries. From my observation,the U3PS are likely the best option, followed by UTAS and IPPIS. The president’s report determines whether the IPPIS will be accepted.

The education minister added that the strike action had prompted the new compensation review and that it will be incorporated in the 2023 budget.

“The new wage will be in the 2023 budget,” he declared. Since it has been captured, payment won’t be made right away.

The IPPIS platform is currently experiencing a backlog of payments. The new platform that will be used could combine the three platforms that are being looked at.

The government’s decision to raise salaries served as the foundation for the new increment. Inflation is the best option for any income increase, but there hasn’t been a review in a very long time.

The current crisis most likely motivated the government to begin with university workers, and it will most likely be done across all industries when the economy improves.


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