“Chelsea is a top 4 team”, “Those three don’t deserve to play for Chelsea” – Legend says Chelsea trio should be sold ‘Can’t fit Chelsea standards’

Chelsea have seen their FFP worries eased with a crucial update after fellow Premier League outfit Everton were docked 10 points for one financial breach. The Blues have faced previous punishments in the past which included a transfer embargo in 2019 and their vast spending under Todd Boehly has resulted in further worries emerging especially based on recent FFP history.

Earlier this year it was announced by UEFA that the club had been fined £8.6million (€10m) for ‘submitting incomplete financial information’ during Abramovich’s reign as owner Manchester City are another club facing the possibility of punishment with 115 FFP charges being lobbied against them for a number of different breaches dating back to 2012.

While Everton and Man City have both officially been charged, Chelsea are not quite in the same boat currently as the Premier League have not charged Chelsea for anything, neither have UEFA and neither has FIFA. “Chelsea are being investigated for alleged irregular payments around transfers – we don’t know all the fine details around that but we know they have been investigated but have not been charged yet,” Sporting Intelligence journalist Nick Harris explained on the Rest is Football podcast.

“If they were to be charged with those misdemeanours along those lines, they too could face the same sort of process that Everton have gone through. Until we know more about that, we can’t be pretty accurate on what is going to happen there.”

Given the possible complications surrounding Man City and Chelsea’s investigation, an outcome being reached or a definitive decision being made appears some way off, especially for the latter. However, fears have understandably increased based on Everton’s punishment for just one charge, but those concerns have been somewhat eased with journalist Ben Jacobs providing some clarity.

In an extensive article on The SPTC website, he wrote: “In light of Everton’s 10-point deduction for Profit and Sustainability breaches, there has been a fair amount of scaremongering relating to both Chelsea and Manchester City.

Right now it’s far too early to be writing about a 30-point punishment or ‘expulsion’ from the Premier League. And just because Everton have been punished, or if Manchester City are, I would be really wary or presuming that means Chelsea will suffer the same fate. Each case is so different.”

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