BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Taylor explains five reasons for his errors during the Chelsea vs Manchester city game and apologizes to the Chelsea supporters, saying “It was not my decision.”

What a stupid and senseless reasons he had just spit out We are glad now that justice has now been given out

Chelsea enjoyed a fairly impressive first half during their Premier League clash against Manchester City. The Blues held their own against the reigning champions, going into the break level despite Erling Haaland breaking the deadlock from the penalty spot in controversial fashion.

It was an incredibly strange decision from referee Anthony Taylor to award the spot-kick. Taylor pointed to the spot after Haaland went down in the area following a coming together with Chelsea defender Marc Cucurella.

But that is all it appeared to be: a coming together. The City frontman was holding Cucurella as much as the other way around, a decision that left Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher, who was commenting on the game for Sky Sports, bemused.

“I think that’s harsh for me, because it looks like six of one, half a dozen on the other between Haaland and Cucurella,” Carragher said. “Cucurella initially is tight and aggressive with Haaland but Haaland also grabs hold of him.

“This is not the right decision because VAR wasn’t looking at the start of the tussle, he’s got hold of his shirt which allows him to get in front and then he goes down. It’s very harsh on Chelsea, VAR have only looked at the end of tussle.”

“I think it’s harsh, I really do.” Cucurella’s duel with Haaland seemed like much less of a foul than the coming together in the build up to the goal Newcastle United scored last week in their victory over Arsenal.

Anthony Gordon netted the only goal of the game after Magpies midfielder Joelinton appeared to push Gunners defender Gabriel Magalhaes in the build-up, although VAR decided that it wasn’t a clear and obvious error from the on-field official. The decision left Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta extremely frustrated as the Spaniard criticised the refereeing in his post-match press conference before the north London club backed their manager in a club statement the day after.

The lack of consistency is frustrating for fans, many of whom will be left questioning why Cucurella’s challenge was adjudged to have been a foul whilst Joelinton’s wasn’t.

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