Chelsea will certainly be aiming for one outcome at the end of this season – a way back into the Champions League.

Mauricio Pochettino‘s side does not have the luxury of playing in Europe for the 23/24 season, but they’ll be desperate to get back to the big time. They’ll be aiming for the top prize, as most clubs are, the UEFA Champions League.

But after a tricky start to the campaign, the elusive top four required to achieve this feat is slowly slipping away from their grasp.

However, a new format has come into place for the 23/24 season. This could further ensure Champions League qualification is possible, even if Chelsea doesn’t finish in the top four.

Extra Premier League UEFA Champions League spot – Explained
The Premier League’s official website states that the 2023/24 season could have five teams qualifying for the Champions League through their league positions – meaning Chelsea could qualify in fifth.

How does this work?
The Champions League has a changed format for next season. It now has 36 participating teams – which means there are extra spots up for grabs.

There is an additional place to be allocated to two countries – based on whose clubs performed the best in UEFA competitions the season prior, which is the one we are currently in.

So, this means if the Premier League clubs provide one of the top two performances for a nation in the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League – the team finishing in fifth this season will earn themselves a Champions League spot.

What about the Europa and Conference League spots?
Qualification for the two other UEFA competitions will still be the same as every other year.

If the fifth spot does get the Champions League, then Europa will be given to sixth and so on.

When will we find out which league gets the privilege?

We will know more towards the end of the season. Then, it will be deemed which nations league has done the best in the UEFA comps.

For once, Chelsea may actually be rooting for other English sides.

How can this affect Chelsea?
This can greatly benefit Chelsea. An extra place means a lot more of a chance of playing in Europe’s most elite of competitions next season.

There are many times that will be fighting for a place in the top four. These include:

Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur



Newcastle United

Aston Villa

Brighton and Hove Albion

Manchester United

West Ham United


Out of these ten teams, only potentially five could grab the Champions League. So, this fifth spot could definitely be crucial for the Blues.

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