Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has now revealed what Pep Guardiola told him in a private conversation after the Gunners beat Manchester City two weeks ago.

The North Londoners ended a terrible run of results against Manchester City. They hadn’t beaten them in the Premier League since 2015, but that curse ended a fortnight ago – the apprentice finally got one over the master! It’s no wonder that City’s owners really like Arteta.

Mikel Arteta shares what Pep Guardiola told him after Arsenal beat Man City
Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta had beaten every single team that he had faced in the Premier League apart from Pep Guardiola‘s Manchester City before the clash at the Emirates a fortnight ago.

The Gunners dropped all six points against the champions last season, and they ended up losing the Premier League title by five points.

Arsenal are already better off this season in that aspect – they have beaten Manchester City. Guardiola suggested that Gabriel Martinelli changed the game after his goal gave the Gunners a memorable win that put them above City in the table.

Arteta sat down for a chat on the Men in Blazers podcast this week, and he was asked what Guardiola told him after the game. On TV, we only saw the pair share a quick handshake before going their separate ways, but the two Spaniards did speak privately afterwards, confirmed the Arsenal boss.

He said: “Yeah, I talked with him after the game. It’s always like this, it’s very tense, it’s very emotional, a lot is going on in that moment, but after that, the relationship remains intact.

I lost much more than I won against him, but to be fair, in the last two games when we won the Community Shield and now in the league, the feeling is totally different.”

When asked what Guardiola actually said to him, Arteta revealed: “Congratulations, you guys are a terrific team, and let’s move on.”

Mikel Arteta’s side could win the Premier League
Before the season even began, Arsenal and Manchester City were viewed by everyone as the two teams who would go head to head for the Premier League title.

Guardiola’s men are undoubtedly the favourites, but the gap between the two sides may have just reduced following the Gunners’ win two weeks ago.

Arsenal were very, very good. It was a fascinating tactical battle, one that saw Arteta limit his mentor’s side to just four shots at goal in the entire game – the lowest by a Guardiola side in a long, long time.

That will give the Gunners enormous belief going forward, and it may well prove to be the difference in the title race in the end.

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