Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has just been linked with taking a potential new managerial role, one that will certainly excited a section of the Chelsea fanbase.

Mourinho is simply adored by Chelsea fans still, with many of them seeing him as a club legend for all he did and achieved for this club.

The current Roma manager will go down in history as one of the best ever Chelsea managers and he was the leader through what has been the most successful times the club has enjoyed to date.

So to hear that he might be speaking to the English FA soon regarding a potentially vacant position as the new England manager, will absolutely be exciting the English Chelsea fans, as well as many others perhaps.

Personally I’d love to see Mourinho replace Gareth Southgate!

are reporting The FA are drawing up a list of successors for Gareth Southgate with the current England manager set to leave his role after the Euros. Jose Mourinho is open to a conversation with the FA once he leaves his current job at Roma.

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