Jamie Carragher thinks Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is too aggressive on the touchline as he highlighted his actions during his side’s Community Shield win over Manchester City at Wembley.

In the first half, Mikel Arteta was booked for expressing his disapproval of an on-field referee call, as officials get even tougher on behaviour from managers and coaches.

Whilst Liverpool legend Carragher appreciates the ‘passion’ shown by the Arsenal boss, and likened it to Jurgen Klopp, he thinks that it’s ‘too much’ so early on in the season, as he told The Overlap.

Last season, Arteta was criticised by parts of the media for how he acts on the touchline, well, one of his biggest critics, Richard Keys, was at his throat again over the weekend.

Whether it’s Arteta, a newly-promoted manager, or the oldest manager in the league, Roy Hodgson, the message is clear, the powers that be aren’t taking it anymore and will be handing out cards for fun until they stay within their rules.

Well, with Arsenal set to battle it out for the Premier League title, you wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t booked a few times more, as Carragher shared his thoughts.

“It was interesting watching the game, how wound-up Arteta was on the side of the pitch after about 10 minutes,” said Carragher.

“I love passion. We have got Jurgen Klopp. You love it when he is involved. We all love to see our manager show that. But I just thought it was too much.

“Ten minutes, 15 minutes into the Community Shield, he got a yellow card himself because he wanted someone booked for pulling his shirt.

“I thought ‘wow’. He was that incensed, this early in the season, it’s like it is a long season, a very long season. Back in the Champions League.”

Big season for Arteta
Arsenal are getting closer to that Premier League title, but it’s not close enough or good enough.

How much have the team, and even Arteta himself, learnt from the previous campaign? Those final few months cost them big time, and whilst Manchester City went on to win the Treble, they helped them along the way.

Arteta, whether it’s the title, or another domestic trophy, has to win something this season, or else, the pressure will be well on the £158k-a-week man (GiveMeSport).

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