Arsenal and Raya – Is it really going to happen?

With the new additions in the team setting in quite well, we are not quite where we need to be in terms of recruitment just yet and I believe we need a couple more players to say we are ready to compete this season.

One of those positions I believe we needed strengthening this season is in the goalkeeping position.

And The Athletics David Ornstein reported yesterday that Arsenal are interested in signing a new goalkeeper, David Raya of Brentford.

After all Aaron Ramsdale was seemingly getting a little too comfortable in between the sticks and we all know Matt Turner was not quite good enough for our team.

So why not? A little healthy competition does everyone the world of good doesn’t it? And just because we are interested in him doesn’t mean that Ramsdale is going to lose his place, but all top teams need more than one great player in each position.

So, if we do go out and successfully buy him it will for sure be a good signing for our team and for the competition.

He will definitely provide us with good competition for Ramsdale, but he would also strengthen the backbone of the team even more.

But Raya is good enough to be Arsenal’s number one, not just a backup to Ramsdale, and I for one hope we do succeed in the signing of him, although Brentford won’t roll over for a cheap fee.

But Raya was sought after by Bayern Munich too and he said ‘no’ as his preference is Arsenal. So if he is good enough for Bayern then he’s good enough for Arsenal – and he has Premier League experience which is a bonus.

And we all know Arsenal can be just as good a team as Bayern, and with the team Arteta is building why can’t we go for good strong players to make us one of the best teams in the world!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

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