Stevie Nicol has urged Ilkay Gundogan to snub a transfer to Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal if he decides to leave Manchester City.

The 32-year-old’s contract at the Etihad expires this month and Arsenal are keen on taking the midfielder on board, but Nicol told him ‘go abroad somewhere’, as he expressed on ESPN.

For the first time in the club’s history, they won the Europan Cup and the Treble, as well as joining their bitter rivals, Manchester United, by doing the latter.

Gundogan played a crucial part in it all, including his important goals during the final few weeks of the Premier League season and that quite stunning effort during the opening seconds of the FA Cup final.

But now his career at Man City could be coming to an end and Nicol understands why he would want this to be his last chapter at the Etihad.

“I thought this was about the length of the deal,” said Nicol. “I thought he wanted to stay and I thought they wanted him to stay, so I couldn’t figure out why they wouldn’t give him two years.

“But if it comes down to him and playing time, which that’s the way it should be, for somebody of his age and his position, then he will probably go.

“At 32, you know that your best years are probably behind you – by the way, if he moves, don’t go to Arsenal. You might not get a game there either. Go abroad somewhere.”

Gundogan still has plenty left in the tank

If it’s Manchester City, Arsenal, Barcelona, or even Saudi Arabia, whoever gets Gundogan’s services will benefit from it.

Forget about age, he is proving that he can still walk the walk at a very, very high level.

Look at someone like Luka Modric and Toni Kross, they were much older than Gundogan is now and they were the ones lifting the European Cup only last season.



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