2023 Presidentcy: Apex Igbo Body Reveal Why They Have Not Endorsed Peter Obi

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has regretted that Nigeria is existing without Nigerians because the country works for a minority of the ruling class who have weaponized poverty against the majority of citizens.


Ibomdailymail reports that Peter Obi said the desire to take Nigeria back is unanimous, as all Nigerians, especially the youths and the 100 million living in poverty.


The former governor of Anambra State added that Nigerians may be used to the old order of voting for the elites who have kept the country in corruption and poverty, he, however, said “we cannot continue to vote for continuity of corruption, poverty, unemployment and bad leadership.


“There is Nigeria, but there are no Nigerians. Currently, Nigeria works for a small minority of people; Nigeria must work for ALL Nigerians. Nigerians must be able to dwell securely and in safety wherever they live. This is the first duty of government.


The desire to take Nigeria back is nearly unanimous. We may be used to the old order; but we cannot vote for continuity of corruption, recklessness, impunity and poverty. Deprivation is not habit-forming. Nigerians desire a better life,” Obi said.


He said his administration when voted into power in 2023 election will be responsive, reformative, less transactional and more efficient.


Obi lamented that lack of reformational leadership hurts the country badly which is responsible for the hardship in the country.


“Ultimately, the overall goal of the Obi-Datti administration will be to streamline governance, make it more responsive, transformative, effective, less transactional and therefore, efficient and cost-effective.


“Nigeria is badly in need of a reformative leadership. Bad leadership has hurt us deeply, damaged our psyche and diminished our potentials and dreams,” the Labour Party presidential candidate said.

Peter Obi advised Nigerians that 2023 election should not be a gamble but a time to vote him to fix the challenges facing the country. He promised that security which is lacking in the country will be addressed head-on if elected in 2023 election.


“We can no longer gamble with our fate and future. I’m running for president because, I am qualified, I have the capacity, credibility, commitment, stamina, governance experience, and track record. More importantly, Nigerians can trust me. This makes security a top priority for me,” he added.

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