52 deregistered political parties in Nigeria have thrown their weight behind the presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Prince Adewole Adebayo.

According to the group, their members will register in the SDP and work for all the candidates of the party in all positions.

Speaking under the umbrella body of mobilise All Nigerians for Good Governance, the group’s aim is to ensure that they support credible candidates that will make a positive impact in the lives of Nigerians and the promotion of unity in diversity.

The leader of the group, Dr Odion Cedrack Okpebholo, said MAN was formed in March 2019 immediately after the last general election, a movement comprising of 52 deregistered political parties, civil societies, NGOs, youths, women and other communities, organizations in Nigeria to work for the progress of the country.

“In addition to ensuring that leaders are accountable and able to deliver on their mandate to Nigerians.

“We are engaging various political entities and liaising with the different stakeholders through effective communication and leadership prowess.

“In our subsequent meetings and consultations with various political parties and their candidates we are resolved with the following.

“That the SDP and her presidential candidate, the impeccable persona of Barrister Prince Adewole Adebayo Mr. Adequate is our preferred candidate for the forthcoming 2023 elections.

“All members from National level to Ward level should be a Card Carrying member of the Social Democratic Party.

“That some of our members (MAN) should be incorporated into the campaign council, workforce from ward level to national level.

“In the event of the emergence of the victory of the party (SDP) in the Presidential, legislative both federal and state elections, State governorship election, local government elections, our members should be planted, rooted and incorporated in unity as part of the system from the ward to the National level.

“In Furtherance to this merger and understanding by both parties, I Amb Dr Odion Cedrack Okpebholo the Founder/President of this great workforce, on behalf of all members of MAN home and abroad, I hereby announce the declaration of the entire members of this great movement into the Social Democratic Party (SDP) workforce of our indéfectible candidate.


Barrister Prince Adewole Adebayo Mr. ADEquate, the Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) and all other approved bodies and candidates of the Social Democratic Party.

“In this light, I urge all our patriotic members from the national toward level to draw up and exert ourselves in ensuring that by the grace of God all candidates of the Social Democratic Party shall be victorious in all her elections 2023,” he said.

Presidential candidate of the SDP, Prince Adewole Adebayo, in his short response, said he is suspending his presidential candidacy as a result of the demise of the son of former minister of Sports, Solomon Dalung who is also a House of Representatives candidate in Plateau State.

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